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Big Sur offers several lovely beaches for long walks and relaxing days. We suggest Pfeiffer Beach and Garrapata Beach, both within a short drive of Big Sur Lodge.

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach is known for its unique, “purple sand”. Pfeiffer Beach is located less than three and a half miles south of Big Sur Lodge.

Pfeiffer Beach is a beautiful, small beach with offshore views of rocks, sea stacks, and local surfing. The further north you walk on the beach, the more “purple” the sand becomes. The purple sand is created from manganese garnet that washes out of the cliff faces to the beach in the winter.

To get to the beach, you will go south on Highway One from Big Sur Lodge for 3.31 miles and make a sharp right turn onto Sycamore Canyon Road off Highway One. Follow Sycamore Canyon Road to the parking area. There is a $5 parking fee. Once parked, you will walk down a hiking trail to discover this one-of-a-kind beach.

We recommend that you bring a jacket with you just in case it happens to be windy.  And, remember to bring your camera as there are many photo opportunities among the rock formations.

Garrapata Beach

Just twenty miles north of Big Sur Lodge, you will find the picturesque Garrapata Beach, a wide, one mile stretch of golden sand and turquoise blue waters.  Garrapata Beach offers views of the ocean and the mountains as well as the rocky cliffs that are covered with colorful wildflowers.

Parking is along Highway One in the turnouts and there are two main paths leading to the beach.