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This is a “General Content Area”, which can either be full width or have a sidebar area. You can also still use the default wordpress WYSIWYG editor if you’re just doing a basic page. But if you want to have a variety of sections to the page, you’ll want to use this section instead, so you can drag and drop different sections down the page. If you put content into the default WP editor, it will always display below any custom sections.

Mega Menus

To create a mega menu, add the class “mega” to the main parent item, along with the number of columns in that menu. So for example, the mega menu at the top of the page has the class “mega mega-4”.  The “4” columns equates to the 4 second-level children.  The third level children are the lowercase items listed in each column. The photo in the menu is created using the “Custom Link” type of menu item. You’ll see settings for adding the photo and message.

Colors, Layouts, etc…

All of that can be edited under “Theme Settings” in the dashboard. Remove the booking bar. Turn the booking bar into a box. Change the blog and event layout styles. Etc…

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The Lodge at Breckenridge offers complete onsite catering, a restaurant and bar, onsite spa, group discounts, and private luxury homes perfect for bridal or groom parties. Our deck can accommodate 220 guests.

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A slideshow of our wedding photo gallery

Photo galleries are managed by “FooGallery”. To turn the gallery into a slideshow like below, just add a “Photo Slideshow” section to the page, select the foogallery from the dropdown, and decide whether to show the slideshow full width or in a container. The FooGallery plugin also comes with its own layouts, so you can also just put the gallery into a general content area using the shortcode provided by the gallery.