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Sunset | Big Sur Coast | Activities at Big Sur Lodge

Bird Watching

The Big Sur Lodge enjoys a reputation as a roosting place to the California condor, which can be frequently spotted in the trees above the lodge. These peculiar avian creatures are one of the rarest and most endangered species on the planet. There are only about 400 condors in existence, with about 200 of them flying free. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Ventana Wildlife Society, which has reintroduced them to the rugged Las Padres National Forest, you can now see them soaring in the skies overhead as you relax and enjoy a meal in the outdoor dining area.

The Ventana Wildlife Society champions many other bird projects such as the American bald eagle reintroduction. It is quite a sight to see these national symbols in flight as they sail off into the blue, flying among the turkey vultures and red-tail hawks.

For more information about the various bird and ecology projects sponsored by the Ventana Wildlife Society, bird checklist of the many different birds you’ll find in Big Sur.